Simplified Television Remotes for Seniors


Flipper RemoteIt seems like most television remote controls today come with dozens of unnecessary buttons that make them very confusing to operate. Add in the fact that many people use two or three remotes to operate their home entertainment equipment – TV, cable box, VCR, DVD player, etc. – it compounds the problem even further.

Fortunately, there are a number of simplified universal TV remotes that are specifically designed for senior citizens and those who shy away from technology. These remote controls have bigger buttons and fewer options that make them much easier to see and use. Some top options are…

Flipper: This works all major TV's including cable, satellite and digital TV receiver boxes with only one remote. Available for $24.95 at flipperremote.com, it offers a tapered design that makes it easy to hold, and for simplicity it has only six large color-coded buttons that are exposed (On/Off, Channel Up and Down, Volume Up and Down, and Mute.) All others buttons used to program the remote are hidden behind a sliding panel, so they won't get in the way during day-to-day TV watching.

Flipper also has an optional feature that lets you program up to 30 of your favorite channels for quick, easy access.

Super Remote SR3Super Remote SR3: Made by Universal Remote Control Inc., and sold through amazon.com for around $13, the SR3 can control TV's, cable or satellite boxes, and DVD players.

It offers a light-weight ergonomic design, large easy-to-see numeric buttons each in the shape of the number it represents, and a centrally located "My Button" that gives you the ability to turn on the TV and set the tuner to your favorite channel with a single button press.

It also provides four "Favorite" buttons for one-touch access to your favorite channels, and an "All Off" button that lets you shut down the entire home entertainment system with a single button press.


For those with vision problems, there are also a number of excellent over-sized remotes offered by the Hy-Tek Manufacturing Company (630-466-7664), including the…
Big Button Remotes - Tek Partner
Tek Partner: At 5½" wide and 8 ½" long, this $39.95 super-sized remote offers huge brightly lit buttons with big readable characters, and a narrowed center (3 ½"), which makes it easy to handle for a big remote. It also contains only the essential functions making it easy to use and program, and it operates any combination of TV's, VCR's, DVD players, cable boxes and satellite dishes.

Big Button Remotes - Big ButtonBig Button: If you're looking for something a bit smaller (2½" × 9½"), the $24.95 rectangular-shaped Big Button remote has the same large and illuminating buttons as the Tek Partner and the exact same features.

Big Button Remotes - Tek PalTek Pal: This simple basic remote for the TV comes with just six large buttons (On/Off, Mute, Channel Up and Down, and Volume Up and Down buttons) that light up when pushed. Available for $18.95, the Pal will only work with televisions that have cable wired directly into the TV.

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