Senior-Friendly Computers


For older boomers and seniors who would like to get a home computer but have little or no computer experience, there are several new products on the market designed specifically for you. One of the best is the NEW Telikin "touch-screen" computer.

Ready to go right out of the box, this innovative computer comes pre-loaded with simplified software that makes accessing the web, e-mail, games, video chat, photo sharing, news, weather and more, just a touch of the screen away. And since it runs on Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, it's a virus-free computer too.

The Telikin comes with a sleek 18.6-inch LCD touchscreen (a 20-inch touchscreen will be available in mid to late June), 320-gigabyte hard drive, built-in speakers, webcam, microphone, wired keyboard and mouse, and provides a unique "tech buddy" feature that can help seniors get computer assistance when needed. Priced at $700, (the 20-inch model will retail for $995) Telikin comes with a 60-day trial period, 1-year warranty and free support for the first 60 days. Visit telikin.com or call 800-230-3881 to learn more.

It's also worth noting that Telikin has a partnership with firstSTREET (800-704-1209), a senior product marketing company who is also selling this computer as the "WOW! Computer for Seniors."

Some other great senior-friendly computers to consider include:

Senior PCs: Sold through Enablemart (888-640-1999), Senior PCs are Hewlett-Packard computers that also come completely set-up and ready use, but depending on your needs, you'll have several options to choose from.

If you're your looking for a "goof-proof" computer, the Autopilot desktop is the best model. This PC comes equipped with QualiWorld software that provides one-click solutions for tasks like letter writing, preparing a document, surfing the Internet, sending and reading e-mails and much more. The Autopilot also comes with OnTimeRx medication and appointment reminding software, HOYLE Crossword and Sudoku puzzles, a high contrast keyboard, mouse, 17-inch monitor, speakers and a color printer all for $1,125. They also offer this same Autopilot computer in a laptop edition for $1,165.

Or, for seniors with low vision their Vision Plus model may be a better fit. This computer comes pre-configured with everything you need to see your PC, including state-of-the-art screen magnification software, a high visibility keyboard, and an all-in-one printer/scanner for scanning in books, mail and other reading materials for magnification. It also comes with OnTimeRx medication reminder software, HOYLE Crossword and Sudoku puzzles, a 17-inch monitor, mouse and external speakers. The price: $1,255 for the Vision Plus desktop, or $1,895 for the laptop edition.

Kiwi PC: If you're looking for something more affordable, the new Linux-powered Kiwi PC for seniors is another option to consider. Priced at just $380, this user-friendly computer provides a simplified navigation system, with oversized tool bar, large icons and text that makes it easier to see and use. Other features include a customizable "Me Menu" that provides quick and easy access to frequently visited websites, e-mail and programs straight from the desktop, a color-coded keyboard, 19-inch monitor, and a toll-free phone support line that's available 24/7. See kiwipc.com, or call 855-255-5494.
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